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Land Based


West Creek Coho Salmon

is endorsed as a "Recommended", or "Best Choice" sustainable seafood option by many organizations, including Ocean Wise, and Seafood Watch. Food waste is used to produce insect protein that we use in our feed, and reduces need for fish meal. Soy and other plant based proteins further reduce the use of fish meal. Natural algae is also included in our food for vital nutrients and colour, just like wild salmon. Approximately 1lb of fish feed, produces 1lb of West Creek Coho Salmon. 

Superior Taste

West Creek Coho is simply the finest salmon available.  Raw or cooked  West Creek Coho is crisp and clean, providing a Wild Pacific Salmon essence to your dish. It is a delicate and noble salmon ideal for informed and engaged chefs or consumers. West Creek Coho is sure to bring an elegant and flavourful experience to your table.




West Creek Coho is cultured without the need for antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals. West Creek Coho is GMO Free and has no impact on the Ocean environment.

West Creek Coho is natures superfood. It is packed with minerals, nutrients, and essential omega 3 oil for heart health, brain function, and other benefits. West Creek Coho presents an almost non-existent risk of mercury or other toxins. You look thin, eat eat.


For Wild

Wild animals like Bears, Orcas, Eagles , and many more, need Wild Salmon to survive. With diminishing returns, choosing West Creek Coho Salmon will leave more wild salmon in the wild, to rebuild stocks , and feed hungry bears. This guy would appreciate it

Recirculating Aquaculture


West Creek Coho is raised in a land based closed containment Recirculating Aquaculture System, or RAS. We filter, clean, and reuse 95% of our water. We are not a drain on local aquifers, and effluent is removed and used as fertilizer on local farm fields.

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